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Founding Members

Liam Elliott Brady

Co-founder & Chair

Liam recently graduated from Clare College with a degree in Chinese Studies, and is currently studying for a master's in History and International Relations at the LSE. He has a particular interest in Chinese literature


James Farquharson


James a recent Chinese Studies graduate from Peterhouse, Cambridge. He has written in the past for publications including the Student Think-tank for Europe-Asia Relations (STEAR) and China Times, a Chinese-language newspaper based in Taiwan. 

The Editorial Team

Inès Elliott Granger


Inès is a second-year undergraduate studying Chinese Studies at Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge. She is interested in the sociology of contemporary China, especially relating to eating culture since ‘Reform and Opening Up.’


Rosemary Mihkelson

Editor: Arts & Culture

Rosemary is a second-year undergraduate reading History at Clare College, Cambridge. A unique upbringing, marked by experiences in various countries, has fuelled her with interest in language and its ties to history and culture. She has a particular interest in Chinese art history, primarily the captivating world of art forms that arose from China’s rich dynastic period.


Sam Harvey

Editor: History & Literature

Sam is a second year undergraduate studying Chinese at Emmanuel College, Cambridge. She is interested in Chinese women's history and literature, especially that of early female poets.

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Roberta Rennie

Editor: Interviews & Reviews

Roberta is an undergraduate reading Human, Social, and Political Sciences at Sidney Sussex College. She is particularly interested in the socio-cultural, anthropological, and economic faces of Chinese society.


James Watson

Editor: Politics & Society

James is a second-year undergraduate at St Catharine’s College studying History and Politics. He is particularly interested in China’s relations with its Indo-Pacific neighbours, modern Chinese history, comparative politics and sociopolitical developments in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

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Claire Ding

Editor: Science & Technology

Claire is a first-year undergraduate studying Human, Social and Political Sciences at Trinity Hall, Cambridge. In an age of intensified geopolitics, she is particularly interested in exploring pressing issues from the chip-war between China and the US to China’s green energy development.



Lidiana Mottram

Publicity Officer

Lidiana is a second-year undergraduate reading Chinese Studies at Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge. She is particularly interested in Chinese contemporary culture and the evolving dynamics of Chinese media. 

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